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Generous Discounts

Discounts on 6-packs, cases, Saturday tasting selections* & $10 back for every $200 you spend. Below is our discount policy:

6 - 11 bottles (mixed): 5% discount
12+ bottles (mixed): 10% discount
12+ bottles (same): 15% discount

PLUS, you get an ADDITIONAL 5% discount as a member of our Connoisseurs Club!

Connoisseurs Club. Receive a $10 store credit for every $200 you spend (=5% discount) over any time period; be it 1 day or several years!

The Connoisseurs Club issues the store credits at the end of every month. We will send you an email with the amount of your store credit which you can then use at any time (minimum purchase of $30 for every $10 credit, as required by MA law.) And there is no need to print out the email, our system keeps track of your credits!

* Only applicable for in-store purchases during our tastings